Q. Can I split a charter ?
A. Yes, but it is not easily accomplished. Better if you book the trip yourself or with a family member, a client or friends.

Q. Do I need my own tackle ?
A. No. Capt. Alan is equipped with Daiwa and Shimano spin and bait casting tackle. His rods are Daiwa and custom built rods by Key Largo Rods. All terminal tackle is supplied and a good selection of artificial lures are always on board. If you prefer to bring your own tackle that's fine, but let Capt. Alan know so there isn't more tackle on board than necessary.

Q. How do I book a trip ?
A. Capt. Alan Sherman can reached by E-Mail at shermana@bellsouth.net or by phone no later then 9 PM or earlier then 8 AM: 786-436-2064. To book a trip a deposit of half the amount of the charter price is required to hold the date. The deposit only secures your day of fishing and the balance is due in US funds at the end of the charter.

Cancellations: If you cancel a trip more than 7 days in advance Capt. Alan will refund your deposit. If you cancel your trip with less than 7 days notice you forfeit your deposit, and if you cancel your trip with less than 48 hours notice and Capt. Alan can not rebook the day, you owe the full amount of the charter. Charters paid in advance must be redeemed within one full year of date purchased. Remember every day that Capt. Alan is not on the water fishing a charter is a day not paid! It is most important that the client contact Capt. Alan Sherman during the late afternoon or early evening and not after 8 PM the night before the charter!

Q. How many people will the "Get Em" hold?
A. The "Get Em" can fish up to 4 people, but less is better.

Q. How much does a charter cost ?
A. Please see Rates and Pricing

Q. Gratuities ?
A. If you are satisfied with how you were treated on your charter and if you felt Capt. Alan tried his hardest to put you and your party on fish, then I would recommend $25 to $100. This is strictly up to the client.

Q. I am not an experienced fisher person can I still go with Capt. Alan?
A. Capt. Alan Sherman is a retired party boat Capt. and has taught thousands of novice and inexperienced fisher people how to fish. He takes pleasure in watching a new fisherperson catch their first fish. He is very patient and great with kids but advises that young children should not be subjected to more than 4 hours on the water. Children must be 6 years or older. Capt. Alan also fishes intermediate and experienced fisher people.

Q. What about weather?
A. The "Get Em" carries a supply of foul weather gear that fits adults. Rain in South Florida is a common occurrence and the fishing trip can in most cases be completed even in a rainsquall. The Capt. will not put you or him in danger and if hazardous conditions present than Capt. Alan will quickly run for cover and then either wait out the storm or terminate the trip. If bad weather is in the picture for your charter then a decision will be made either the night before or the morning of the charter. If bad weather forces Capt. Alan Sherman to cancel the charter a full refund will be made or the deposit can be applied to a future date.

Q. What do we need to bring?
A. Wear seasonal clothing, soft soled shoes that will not leave black marks on the deck, snacks or food for yourself, plenty of drinks for yourselves, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and a camera and during the summer insect repellent may be needed. There is dry storage onboard. Capt. Alan has an iced cooler onboard that is capable of holding enough drinks and food for 4 people. You will not be able to bring a cooler on board because of space limitations. You can bring a cooler with some ice that can be left in your vehicle for storage of your catch for your ride home. You can bring your favorite foul weather gear if you like but Capt. Alan will have foul weather gear onboard for adults.

Q. Where will we fish ?
A. Destination is your choice! North and South Biscayne Bay - Flamingo - Freshwater in the Everglades, and at the captain's discretion Offshore.

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