Great Start for the New Year

Report Date: February 15, 2016

First Report of 2016 For Get Em Sportfishing Charters!

Capt. Alan Sherman

Miami - Saltwater Fishing Report

The New Years is behind us now and it's all about starting a new year the right way for me and Get Em Sportsfishing Charters. Starting a New Year right is about happy faces, bent fishing rods and lots of fish at the end of the day and that is almost how this past year ended and the New Year started. I have been on the water so many days in the past three weeks that it will take a while to post all of the pictures and fishing reports.

My first 2016 fishing report finds fishing in South Florida very good to downright slow. It's all about location and timing when it comes to fishing success. Be in the right location at the right time and with the right conditions and the results at the end of the day more than not will be positive.

This is what has happened on the South Florida fishing scene with Get Em Sportfshing Charters and me during the past few weeks.

I will add more pictures and fishing reports later when I have the time.

Before the New Year arrived I fished with

Ino, Jeff and Allen in Flamingo and during a six hour charter the guys caught 25 sea trout, two tripletail, lots of jacks, ladyfish, snappers, shark, lost a big redfish and released a few snook.

During three trips out on the Tamiami Trail we caught 25 snook on the first trip, no snook on the second trip and five snook on the third trip. All on artificial lures!

In South Bay I had Mofi, Moshe', David and Ben on the boat and during their trip the guys had Spanish mackerel, lots of blue runners, sharks, sea trout, an eight pound legal size gag, black and red groupers, under size mutton snappers, legal size yellowtail snappers, lane snappers and mangrove snappers.

North Bay has been a struggle with catches of scattered sea trout, a few jacks, bluefish, Spanish mackerel and ladyfish.

At the end of the New Year I fished Mark and his sons Will and Andrew in North Bay and offshore of Miami. We were armed with close to 500 live pilchards but managed only two bluerunners and a yellowtail offshore and not much in the bay. Why so slow. Possibly because of all of the fishing pressure over the Holidays!

Back in Flamingo with Jose, Rueben and Eric. At the end of the day the guys had caught Spanish mackerel, lots of mangrove snappers, snook, jacks and ladyfish.

In Flamingo again with Robert, Brandon and Lindsey for a short 4 hour charter. During our charter the fisher people lost two giant tarpon, released a lemon shark and a blacktip shark and released lots of ladyfish and jack crevalles.

Another beautiful day in Flamingo. Today I have Steven, his daughter Allyson and son in law Felix. At the end of the day my anglers had caught four large redfish, nine snook, and lots of sea trout, snappers, jack crevalles and ladyfish.

Flamingo again today for a short four hour charter. I have Robert and Joe on the boat and during our short charter the guys caught a ton of ladyfish and jacks and then added a slot size released snook to finish the day off.

Last charter for this report is with John, his wife Patti and their young die hard fishing son's Oliver and Christian in South Biscayne Bay. Armed with a live well full of pilchards and shrimp the anglers caught over a dozen Spanish and cero mackerel, juvenile kingfish, bluerunners and a bunch of bluefish, ladyfish and, jacks and sea trout. No pics today due to a camera failure!

Recent Pic's

North Bay

South Bay


All of these catches were made possible with the use of Daiwa spinning reels, Key Largo spinning rods, Mustad hooks, Cajun Thunder floats, Rapala artificial lures, Hookup lures, Cajun Thunder floats, Mirrolures, StowMaster Nets, SaltLife sunglasses, SoftScience shoes, Columbia Sportswear, Continental Trailers, Yamaha Outboards, Bob Hewes Boats, Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motors, Humminbird, Talon and more!So what are you waiting for? The action is happening now! Best of all I have open dates. Just give me call and let's see what we can do.
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Miami Fishing Forecast:

South Florida Fishing Forecast:

Winter is here and the fishing in South Florida is about to explode. With water temperatures rising sea trout and snook will start their spawning seasons. Bigger fish and bigger numbers of fish! Spanish mackerel, bluefish and kingfish are heading north for the summer. As they pass the Miami area they always provide a months' worth of action. Big jack crevalles will be chasing baitfish schools in North Bay and big tarpon will be stealing baits intended for other fish. Offshore we will see kingfish and Spanish mackerel, bonitos, sailfish, dolphins and blackfin tuna feeding right alongside each other. In Flamingo in Everglades National Park we will see the return of all of the migratory birds as they fill the park and make unbelievable sunrise pictures. Fishing for snook, redfish, sheepshead, blackdrum, snapper, sea trout, jacks ladyfish, sharks, tripletail, cobia and more will be as e exciting light tackle fishing as one could wish for.

Target Species:

Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Sea Trout, Dolphin, Sailfish, Cobia, Mackerel, Shark, Tripletail, Grouper, Snapper

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