Cold Temperatures in South Florida and Quality Catches

Report Date: March 15, 2016

Capt. Alan Sherman

Miami - Saltwater Fishing Report

It's the Miami International Boat Show week and thousands of people are in town to see whats new in the boating and fishing market. Loads of people are test driving boats and lots of people are out fishing as well. For the fishermen it has been tough going with all of the boat traffic, strong winds, rain, cold and the tons of freshwater that keeps being pushed into our bays. If you went to the show I hope you had a good time. If you went fishing I hope you enjoyed the day on the water.

Unfortunately for me I never had a chance to go to the show. Some years I work the show others I am chartered throughout the show and the latter was the case for me this year. I had trips in North Bay, trips in South Bay, some days I fished both bays on the same day and others where we made it out in the ocean in search of bluefish and mackerel and then others I fished in Flamingo.

So here is what we caught during those charters and pleasure trips.

I fished with my wife Dana and son Zach in Flamingo during one of the nicer days. No snook, but plenty of tripletail, jacks, bluefish, Spanish mackerel and big Goliath groupers. These fish ate live shrimp and Rapala X Raps. Most of these pictures are on my facebook page.

Next trip is with long time customer Pat in Flamingo. At the end of the day we had caught 10 snook, four black drum, nine redfish, 1 Goliath grouper, tripletail and over a dozen sea trout. These fish were caught using live shrimp tipped to a ounce Hookup lure jig head and a live shrimp fished under a Cajun Thunder float.

Today I am with Adam, Helen, Jackson and Trent in Biscayne Bay. Using live pilchards and shrimp the family caught sea trout, jacks and lost a few snook.

Back in Flamingo with Mark and Tim. The guys teamed up to catch snook, black drum, jacks, ladyfish, small snappers and tripletail.

Today we are in Biscayne Bay with Hank, Bill and Jack. Fishing all over the bay and into the ocean the guys caught jack crevalles to 8 pounds, a bunch of bluerunners, mutton and mangrove snappers, red groupers, three out of 20 bluefish that bit their baits and five out of the 10 snook that bit their baits. All of the fish ate live pilchards free lined or fished under a Cajun Thunder float. We used Mustad #4 Ultra Point hooks.

85 year old Jean and her son Jeff joined me today in Biscayne Bay for a day. Fishing both North and South Bay and the mother and son duo released two snook to 17 pounds and jack crevalles in the four pound range. Live pilchards got the action.

Another day with Steve and Jim fishing in dirty and cold water in Biscayne Bay. At the end of the day we had released jacks to four pounds and a snook.

Back in Flamingo today. Cold and windy once again. I have father Robert and son Wyllie using live shrimp tipped to a Hookup lure and live shrimp fished under a Cajun Thunder float. At the end of the day the guys had released snook, redfish, lots of sea trout, ladyfish and small jack crevalles. The guys saw two bald eagles, manatees, ospreys, white pelicans, bottlenose dolphins and a ton of birds.

North Bay:


South Bay:


Last trip of the week is a two boat charter with some representative of Yamaha Motor Company LTD. Fishing in Biscayne Bay the guys caught trigger fish, red grouper, snapper, Spanish mackerel and over 20 barracudas to 10 pounds. Unfortunately we lost the 20 plus pound fish at boat side. The fish were caught using live pilchards for bait.

All of these catches were made possible with the use of Daiwa spinning reels, Key Largo spinning rods, Mustad hooks, Cajun Thunder floats, Rapala artificial lures, Hookup lures, Cajun Thunder floats, Mirrolures, StowMaster Nets, SaltLife sunglasses, SoftScience shoes, Columbia Sportswear, Continental Trailers, Yamaha Outboards, Bob Hewes Boats, Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motors, Humminbird, Talon, Air Tight bearings and more!

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Miami Fishing Forecast:

Winter is here and the fishing in South Florida is about to explode. With water temperatures rising sea trout and snook will start their spawning seasons. Bigger fish and bigger numbers of fish! Spanish mackerel, bluefish and kingfish are heading north for the summer. As they pass the Miami area they always provide a months' worth of action. Big jack crevalles will be chasing baitfish schools in North Bay and big tarpon will be stealing baits intended for other fish. Offshore we will see kingfish and Spanish mackerel, bonitos, sailfish, dolphins and blackfin tuna feeding right alongside each other. In Flamingo in Everglades National Park we will see the return of all of the migratory birds as they fill the park and make unbelievable sunrise pictures. Fishing for snook, redfish, sheepshead, blackdrum, snapper, sea trout, jacks ladyfish, sharks, tripletail, cobia and more will be as e exciting light tackle fishing as one could wish for.

Target Species:

Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Sea Trout, Dolphin, Sailfish, Cobia, Mackerel, Shark, Tripletail, Grouper, Snapper

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